Shipping & Payment

All order must be paid before dispatch. We will not ship any items without the full amount of the invoice been paid.

We accept paypal and bank transfer.

Shipping territories
We are shipping worldwide. Make sure to check with your domestic custom regulations for any restrictions. MOC will not cover any custom taxes.

Shipping options
All shipments within germany will be handled by DHL (registered and insured).
For all international shipments we offer unregistered and registered shipping.
Economic/unregistered shipping is the cheapest option and is also very reliable, but we will not cover the costs for any loss.
We suggest to order registered shipping for every order. This is also insured for loss.
Bigger international orders will be shipped with DHL (registered and insured)
We also offer express shipment via UPS worldwide (registered and insured)

Shipping costs and periods
The exact shipping costs will be calculated automatically during checkout, here is a rough overview:
Germany: 6.00€ via DHL
European Union: up to 0.5 kg = 5.00€ (unregistered) / 9.50€ (registered)
up to 1kg = 9.00€ (unregistered) / 13.50€ (registered)
above 1kg = ~ 16.00€
Non-Eu: up to 0.5 kg = 6.50€ (unregistered) / 10.50€ (registered)
up to 1kg = 11.00€ (unregistered) / 15.50€ (registered)
above 1kg = depends on destination

Periods: (plus 1-2 working days for handling)
Germany: 3-5 working days
European Union: 6-14 working days
Non-EU: 10-25 working days