CATAYA - Sukzession LP
CATAYA - Sukzession LP

CATAYA - Sukzession LP

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CATAYA are a new band from the border region of germany and belgium and their homebase is the city of Aachen. The members are also from these countries Germany, Belgium and also Spain. CATAYA is a collective of six people with a very fine and great sense for instrumental music. Their selfmade videos for the songs of their first album already gained a wide interest on the relevant blogs for postrock and postmetal. Only four songs mark the amazing debutalbum of this young band. A very intensive and emotional atmosphere builds up slowly in the songs. As common for this genre they explode in a heavy and punching riff-footage without losing or eliminating the great atmosphere. If you want to compare it to some bands, think of CULT OF LUNA meets GODSPEED and TOUNDRA. Heavy Postmetal me

ets epic Postrock meets melodic Doom. Finally the album is now available on vinyl!
There are eight different versions. Please note, that all colours look a bit different. One LP has more colour effects than another one etc. All records are packed in a black innersleeve and a nice inside out cover.

1st Press: (15.07.2016)
225x Unlimited Blue
95x Stigmatized White
44x Ultra Clear with Streaks
47x Insistent Green
48x Fresh Salmon
49x Tainted Red
25x Loose Graphite
6x Black