HOPE DRONE - Hope Drone LP

HOPE DRONE - Hope Drone LP

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Since Australian‘s promising atmospheric Black Metal outfi t HOPE DRONE released their selftitled record on OSCL RECORDS back in 2013 and sold it out by now, MOMENT OF COLLAPSE RECORDS decided to press another run of this massive four song album!

While the press tended to compare the band from Brisbane
to the pioneers of modern Black Metal in DEAFHEAVEN, the band truly delivers something more than just an emulation. In fact, HOPE DRONE combine elements of all kinds of extreme metal including death, black, doom and ambient and create their own unique sounding hybrid. Slow and atmospheric soundscapes are constantly intervowen with furious and crushing blastbeats to let each song culminate in a convulsing

With their selftitled record HOPE DRONE defi nitely paved their path in modern black
metal and proved their ability to compete with the bigger names in extreme metal!

1st Press (15.07.2015):
300x black
200x clear

2nd Press (18.09.2016):
200x black
100x clear