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Australias HOPE DRONE finally report back with a new album. Two and a half year after the critically acclaimed "Void Lustre" the band releases four new songs under the banner of "Husk". The last two years have of course been very strange times for all bands. HOPE DRONE took this as a chance to call for a new perspective and to use the chaos of the last years as an inspiration set up something new and different and to experiment - both creatively and materially. They have led behind the guitar-driven ebb and flows of "Void Lustre" and "Cloak Of Ash" for a new core structure - with percussion and bass put to the fore. The grand sweeping buildups were exchanged for the tension of sustained passages, repetition with the incorpoation of synthesizer and noise textures. This means not, that HOPE DRONE doesn't sound like HOPE DRONE anymore. Of course there are some blast beats and the guitars are still very present, but this new idea of songwriting gives an interesting view of how Post-Blackmetal can also sound nowadays.

Francil Keil – drums / additional percussion
Chris Rowden - vocals / guitars / noise
Aaron Pickersgill - bass / vocals
Karl Hartwig - guitars / noise / keys

Joscha Bauer - Artworks
recorded and mixed by Underground Audio
Brad Boatright - Mastering

1st Press (04.03.2022):
300x black/white merge Vinyl