JOLIETTE - Luz Devora 2xLP
JOLIETTE - Luz Devora 2xLP

JOLIETTE - Luz Devora 2xLP

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On their newest album Luz Devora, Joliette are exploratorily
looking deep into the tunnel while other are still looking for a way
out from it.
Joliette are an experimental mathcore/post-hardcore group from
Puebla, Mexico. Joliette‘s back catalogue reaches back to 2011,
encasing ten releases on various formats. Luz Devora feels like a
step-up on every single musical level of theirs. The punk vibe is
still there, but it seems to be more calculated this time. This doesn’t
compromise the honesty expressed on their previous efforts;
neither does it make them feel bland or restricted. It’s clear the
band has worked on improving themselves. You will hear the same
band as before, but from a more experimental and serious angle.
The experimentalism is audible in the more complex writing, as
well as the interesting fact that each song sounds like they’d be
produced differently. The album opens in a violent manner, with lots
of dissonant riffs. Over the next songs, their sound oscilattes from
catchy post-hardcore, to  furious  (old-school) hardcore. All songs
have this brillant moments, that create an unique atmosphere. This
album is a milestone, that builds bridges between different kinds
of music.

1st Press: (18.10.2019)
200x black
100x blue