PAINT THE SKY RED -  There is a Tomorrow You Don't Know LP

PAINT THE SKY RED - There is a Tomorrow You Don't Know LP

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The third album »There is A Tomorrow You Don't Know« (2019) by Paint The Sky Red (Singapore) has so far only been released in a small edition in Singapore.

Singapore's Paint The Sky Red combine elements of ambient and classic post-rock, delivering a highly flavorful musical experience. Captivating layers of guitar, catchy melodies and a tireless tempo create an expressive atmosphere that runs through the entire album. Even without vocals, each song tells its own story that is captivating and seamlessly connects to the following story. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes melodically dreamy, sometimes short-tempered wild and sometimes dark and tense. The album has an enormous depth and versatility and is not least considered a modern classic of the genre. Even after the twentieth listen, there are still new details to explore.

1st Press (07.10.2022)
250x white / sea blue with olive green splatter