RHA. - Leben.Lassen LP
RHA. - Leben.Lassen LP

RHA. - Leben.Lassen LP

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RHA. express their rage and anger on various formats and for
already ten years now. Whether on tape, vinyl, or floppy disks.
The medium was always well considered, same as split partners
and cooperating labels. We are absolutely happy, that the
new album of this sympathetic formation finally sees the light
of the day, or rather the darkness of the day (with view of the
content) via Moment Of Collapse
„Leben.Lassen“ contains four negatively charged songs, in
which the band deals with feelings and situations that have
shaped the period 2015-2018. These include factors such as
everyday racism, the illusion of one‘s own objectivity, interpersonal
alienation and depression. A wide range of emotions,
which can be found here. In almost 40 minutes, the band fights
their way through blastbeats, guitar walls built on the foundation
of Posthardcore, sluggish interludes and reduced passages,
which make room for spoken words.
The basic tenor is gloomy, but it is maxed out as far as possible
and provides maximum variety without overstretching the

1st Press:
200x black
100x clear w/ white splatter