TERYKY - Overcome LP
TERYKY - Overcome LP

TERYKY - Overcome LP

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Sometimes it just needs three songs to get to the point. TERYKY
from Hamburg created with this mentioned three songs their
debut album „Overcome“. In 2017 the quartet from north
germany gave a fi rst sign of life with the Debut-Ep „Avalanche“,
that delivered two awesome songs already. With a change in
the band line-up, it took them three more year to fi nalize the
next songs. But these three more years were worth the waiting.
Around 24 minutes of dark post-black-metal, that oscillate
from desparate and hopeless moments to farward pushing,
full energetic parts. Even the calm moments feel just like the
preparation for the next knock down. This album defi netely
does not sound like a debut but more like a well progressed
album from a band, that already exists since many years.

1st Press: (28.02.2020)
250x black